Pap pap Cargo provides weekly shipping service to Haiti. We ship general cargo, building materials, personal effects and much more

We offer a door to door delivery service where we can pick up your cargo or packages Anywhere in Boston, MA, and get it delivered in any of the following Locations in Haiti: Port-au-Prince, Leogane, Cap-Haitien, St Marc, Cayes, Jeremie, and Jacmel
Pap Pap Cargo Shipping

Haiti Freight Shipping

International Ocean Freight Shipping to Haiti
Most efficient and cost-effective way to move items from USA to Haiti.

Ocean shipping services is ideal for; Commercial goods, personal effects, household items, vehicles, machineries, heavy and oversized loads, etc.

Pap Pap Cargo Shipping

Pap Pap Shipping Provides

Freight & Cargo Shipping To Haiti Every Two Weeks.


Full Container (FCL)

Full Container Load shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ship items from USA to Haiti


Less Than Container

LCL shipping is cost-effective way to move Less than Container Load shipments to Haiti


Car Shipping

Pap Pap has Spaces for Cars in our container shipments please speak to us today using contact form.


Drum Cargo

Safely ship and store dry or solid products. Steel rings reinforce top and bottom. Locking steel band accepts a tamper-evident seal. Metal cover.

Pap Pap Cargo Shipping


Yes, Haiti tax law requires you pay duty and tax on your shipments from the United States of America.
We like to inform our Clients that these fees are not currently included within your Pap Pap shipping charges and you may be asked by the Haitian government to pay this upon delivery or at a later date. Keep this in mind when shopping at American online retailers.

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary delays at Haiti Customs offices is to avoid trying to ship banned goods.

Transit time for container shipments varies widely from one route to the next. That is, although Haiti may be the final destination for your international shipping, it’s impossible to estimate the time it will take to arrive until you have defined a port of origin and destination.


As far as dry cargo is concerned, shippers tend to find in standard dry shipping containers the best option for their freight. They come in several dimensions and capacities but are not refrigerated or ventilated, which is why they’re not suitable for perishable or sensitive cargo.

Shipping rates to Haiti are determined by a number of factors. Aside from the chosen port of origin and destination, they will also depend on the type of container you need, your cargo’s dimensions or the Incoterm to be applied.

Standard containers can be found in several dimensions ranging from 20ft and 1,172 CFT / 33.2 CBM volume capacity up to 45ft and 3,122 CFT / 88.4 CBM. If your cargo is low volume, however, you may want to consider a shared container (LCL).

Pap Pap Cargo Shipping

More Information

Many cargo sizes, but only one level of service.
Whether you’re looking to move a single container, or hundreds each month,
you need to know your business is valued.

We guarantee you will receive the following levels of service no matter what size of shipment you make.

We are able to ship a variety of items, such as barrels, boxes, furniture, appliances, and more.

We offer pick-up and delivery services.

We carry empty containers (call for prices).


55 gallon (Plastic)
77 gallon (Plastic)
77 gallon (Fiber)

E-Container (42” x 29” x 26”)
Gaylord (50” x 43” x 37”)
*Gaylord must be packed on a pallet*

We offer a door to door delivery service where we can pick up your cargo or packages from anywhere in boston and deliver them anywhere in Haiti.

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Family Packages


Household supplies




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